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So this occurred to me while I was at work one day and I couldn’t help but draw…THIS.

I don’t consider myself a big MLP fan, but I AM a ridiculously huge pokemon fan and I JUST COULDN’T HELP MYSELF, GUYS. IT JUST WORKS TOO WELL.

EDIT: For those who seem to keep asking!: The reason I chose Jolteon for AJ instead of Leafeon is twofold:

1) Orange is closer to yellow than green. I chose most of these eeveelutions by their colour.

2) I don’t know if anyone remembers an old episode of Pokemon  where there was a farmer who was herding a bunch of magnemite to power a city. He used a jolteon to help round them up, so that’s why I immediately thought of a jolteon when I thought of Apple Jack!~

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